Deposit «Loyal»

Name Condition
Customer segment, which the deposit is offered to
Legal entities, their affiliates and representative offices
Deposit term

In KZT – 1 (one) month to 24 (twenty-four) months.

Currency of transactions
Payment of remuneration
Monthly (last business day of each month)
Minimum deposit amount
established on a case-by-case basis;
Maximum deposit amount
established on a case-by-case basis
Amount of minimum balance
established on a case-by-case basis;
Remuneration rate
established on a case-by-case basis
Supplementary contributions
Allowed providing non-exceedance of maximum deposit amount
Partial withdrawal
allowed providing preservation of a Deposit amount of at least minimum balance
Capitalization of remuneration
Not stipulated
Not stipulated
Additional information
The Bank shall freely withhold the taxes due and other mandatory payments from the amount of remuneration in cases, manner and amount, required by the law of the Republic
Terms and conditions of premature termination of bank deposit

1. with actual period of Deposit amount allocation of less than 1 (one) month, in accordance with the terms and conditions of Bank deposit agreement, payment (accrual) of remuneration is not provided.

2. with actual period of deposit amount allocation of 1 (one) and more months, remuneration accrued/paid is recalculated and paid at the rate of remuneration, established for the deposit amount in accordance with the Bank deposit agreement