Currency Conversion

VTB08-0105.jpgPurchase/sale of foreign currency for tenge or any other foreign currency according to the customer’s instructions

SO JSC VTB (Kazakhstan) performs conversion operations with various foreign currency, including freely convertible and restricted convertible: purchase and sale of foreign currency for tenge, roubles and other foreign currency.

SO JSC VTB (Kazakhstan) performs cashless conversion operations on the instructions of the legal entities having accounts in VTB.

Execution of applications for purchase and sale of foreign currency

Applications for purchase of foreign currency (by residents and non-residents), and the applications for sale of foreign currency (by non-residents) to legal entities may be made for the following purposes:

  • implementation of exchange operations with foreign cash;
  • purchase of goods and intangible assets from resident and non-resident;
  • getting services from resident and from non-resident;
  • disbursement of loans to resident and non-resident;
  • fulfillment of obligations under the loans received from residents and non-residents;
  • settlement of accounts under securities transactions with the resident and non-resident;
  • payment of salary to residents and non-residents;
  • payment of travel allowance and representation expenses to residents and non-residents;
  • other payments.