Transfer Operations

VTB08-0105.jpgAt present the bank offers payments and transfers in KZT and RUB currencies.

Our Capabilities

For maximum accounting of interests and demands of the customers the Bank has opened correspondent accounts in large-scale banks of far abroad.

Types of bank transfer transactions

At your disposal:
  • Crediting of cash in the currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan received for the benefit of Bank’s customers; 
  • Fulfillment of the payment instructions of the customers, being enterprises and organizations having accounts in the Bank, for money transfer in tenge, Russian roubles and foreign currency;
  • Making payments for repayment of indebtedness under the loans and credits previously granted to residents in foreign currency.

VTB for Importers

On the customers’ instructions VTB  makes transfers in foreign currency from Kazakhstan to abroad for payment of goods/works/services import, intellectual activities results, non-trading operations, and for any other purposes of non-financial nature. The Bank’s specialist consult on drawing-up of payments terms under the contract and filling-in of the applications for transfer. 

Upon appropriate instructions of the customer the Bank shall conduct proper investigation with respect to the fulfilled transfer operations, make necessary changes in the payment instructions.