Exchange Control

VTB08-0105.jpgWhilst establishing new economic relations, the Exchange Regulations effective within the Republic of Kazakhstan play an important role and mostly aimed at ensuring economic safety and stable growth, restriction of inflation processes and finally at consolidation of the country position in the international community.

SO JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) conducts exchange control of all exchange operations conducted, including under external trade contracts, credit contracts and loan agreements, and the exchange operations conducted under non-trade transactions according to the current Exchange Regulations.

Highly-qualified VTB specialists consult the Bank’s customers at any stage of transaction. Use of qualified specialists’ recommendations in the work allows to the Bank’s customers to conclude contracts on the terms and conditions corresponding to the norms of exchange regulations, and after conclusion of the contracts allows to prevent exchange operations violating the established procedure and to avoid many problems connected with fulfillment of contractual obligations and with the exchange control procedure.

Main Advantages of VTB in the Field of Exchange Control

  • Provision to the Bank’s customers of free advice on the exchange control issues, including for processing of complex transactions in the external economic activities.
  • Quick execution of exchange control documents according to the regulatory acts of the National Bank of RK.
  • Regular and timely informing of the Bank’s customers about any changes of the current Exchange Regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan by posting of announcement in the operating room of the bank. 
  • Competitive bank fee rates for performance by VTB of the functions of exchange control agent. Possibility of beneficial rates application for VIP- customers.

Legislative documents