Merchant acquiring is a banking service that allows the merchants to accept payment cards of international payment systems Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide, UnionPay International as means of non-cash payment for goods and services.

Why it's profitable:
  • Your organization's competitiveness increases, and turnover increases at the expense of attracting new customers - cardholders.
  • Customers will be able to spend large sums of money and do it much more often, as they are not limited to available cash.
  • Cardholders more easily take a decision to make unplanned purchases.
  • Time and cost of collection, work with cash, etc. are reduced.
  • Security of payments (the risk of accepting counterfeit bills, losing or stealing money at a retail outlet, fire, cashier errors, need in recalculating money at the end of the working day and other risks are reduced).
  • Participation in advertising campaigns conducted by Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) and international payment systems promoting sales growth.
Benefits from working with Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) on the merchant acquiring program:
  • The minimum period of money refund to your organization's current account – up to 3 business days following the day of the payment card transaction.
  • Optimal service commission fee.
  • Free installation of the necessary equipment, as well as the provision of all necessary promotional and consumable materials.
  • Free training for your organization's employees.
  • Equipment maintenance and information support.
  • Possibility to make contactless payments under Mastercard/Maestro payment cards in one touch.
What do you need to do to install a POS terminal in your enterprise?
  • Come to any branch of Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan);
  • Provide the necessary list of documents;
  • Sign the Agreement;
  • Undergo standard internal check procedures.Пройти стандартные процедуры внутренней проверки.

(Данные договора действуют с 12.11.19)