Warning! - Fraud

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) warns that the cases of fraud using money transfers systems have become more frequent and informs you of the most wide-spread ways of fraud:

Payment for the goods/services to unknown persons

People who want to buy a car, electronic and other equipment at attractive low prices and subject to very profitable conditions become the victims of fraud most often. The frauds publish announcements on sale of the goods at different sites in Internet, and then they start communicating by e-mail with the potential buyer, ask to transfer money as an advance payment (prepayment) by means of money transfers systems.

Herewith, the frauds, creating a visibility of “transaction purity”, ask a buyer not to call them the control number of transfer until receipt of the goods, however, they require sending them the scanned copy of the slip having concealed the control number of transfer therein. Thus, the frauds obtain the information about the details of transfer and then, according to the false documents, they receive money.

In connection with this, we recommend that you:

  • Do not send money transfer to unknown persons and do not make payment for the goods and services until you receive them;
  • Do not report the control number of transfer or any other information about the transfer to anybody other than a recipient identity of whom you has stated;
  • Do not send money using a fictional name of the recipient;
  • Discredit and check thoroughly the announcements on sale of the cars, electronic and household appliances or rendering the services at the prices significantly lower than the market ones or subject to very unprofitable conditions for a seller;
  • Look for the information about similar sales and purchases in Internet: probably, somebody has already become a victim of the frauds after performance of similar actions.


An unknown person calls you and reports about an accident happened with your relative or friend. In connection this, this person asks you to transfer money for your relative or friend. As a rule, for transfer the frauds specify their mobile number or other unknown to you number and inform that you may send transfer through the nearest payment terminals.

We recommend in case of receipt of this information contacting your relatives or friends directly and checking the obtained information. If the communication failed, ask a person calling to you to specify the place of accident and write down his telephone number. You may check the fact of accident by calling to the hotline of the internal affairs authorities.

SMS or a call with the request to send money transfer

A call or SMS-message is one of the most wide-spread schemes of fraud when an unknown person calls to the subscribers of the mobile operators (or SMS-message is sent) and represents himself as an employee of famous company, he asks the subscriber to execute a range of actions in order to replenish the fraud’s account by money transfer through the system of money transfers.

In such cases we recommend that you do not trust the frauds and that you do not perform any instructions of unknown persons and we recommend you checking the information independently by calling to the official number of a company on behalf of which an unknown person has applied to you (you can find out a company’s telephone number on the site of this company).

If you have transferred money to the frauds, you have to apply to the internal affairs authorities with a claim.