International money transfers SWIFT

International money transfer SWIFT is a reliable and convenient way to send money without restrictions on the amount to any country of the world - to the accounts of the banks connected to the SWIFT system.
Money transfers via SWIFT can be carried out in foreign currencies which the Bank operates with.
Money transfers are executed within 1 - 3 (three) banking days and have no maximum limit on the amount of transfer.

The advantages of international money transfers SWIFT are as follows:

  • Profitable and flexible  tariffs - this means that regardless of the amount of transfer you save money on your banking fees;

  • Accessibility - you can take advantage of this type of money transfer in all departments and branches of Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan), so you can make a transfer in the nearest department/branch of the Bank;

  • Security means the protection of each money transfer by means of modern multi-level security system and a special system of identification of the recipient, so you get a guarantee of immediate money payment only to the person mentioned by the sender;

  • A wide network - 6,000 banks - SWIT participants all over the world allows you to send money to any bank in any country of the world.

We recommend using money transfer system SWIFT, if:

  1. You want to send money to the accounts of your relatives, friends and acquaintances who live abroad;

  2. You need to pay for goods or services, such as education, health care, hotel booking, participation in various conferences;

  3. You want to transfer a large sum of money with minimum costs.

In order to transfer money you need to:

  1. submit an identity document with personal tax payer number;

  2. visit any branch or department of Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) and open a current account in Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan);

  3. know the details of the beneficiary (payee), namely:
      - full name of the payee;
      - account number of the beneficiary (payee);
      - in case of money transfer in Russian rubles - Individual Identification Number of the beneficiary and the tax registration reason code reason (for legal entities);
      - the name of the beneficiary's bank;
      - the city and the country of the bank location;
      - SWIFT- code of the beneficiary bank;
      - In case of money transfer in Russian rubles - Bank Identification Code (BIC) and the correspondent account of the beneficiary bank, the code of currency transaction (VO).

  4. indicate the purpose of money transfer / remittance information;

  5. if necessary, provide supporting documents (currency contract, invoice or any other document on the basis of which the payment / money transfer should be effected).