Car loan without collateral

Buy a car in 1 day!

  • No initial payment;
  • No pledge;
  • Without CASCO insurance;
  • With any period of operation of the car.

Car loan without collateral

Terms of Lending

Credit currency



from KZT 500 000 up to KZT 6 000 000

Interest rate

with fee from 23% per annum, without fee 43% per annum.


from 25,6%


from 12 to 84 months

Target group

from 22 years**

*Annual effective remuneration rate

**Resident of RK, from 22 years old to pension age. The last payment on credit has to be made till the Borrower becomes a pensioner

Loan Calculator

Up to 5,000,000 KZT

Up to 60 months

Monthly payment

Total sum of payments

Total overpayment amount