Safety when using the payment card

Useful advices for payment card holders:

  1. Keep the card away from unauthorized persons; do not leave it unattended in the public places, such as restaurant, hotel, and job.
  2. To avoid card damage, do not expose the card to heat, electromagnetic or mechanical stress. If, owing to damage, the card cannot be used for transaction performance, immediately contact the Bank to reissue the card.
  3. Write down the Bank telephone numbers and always have this information in your possession.
  4. When withdrawing funds, it is recommended to use ATMs of banks known to you.
  5. Keep private the PIN number, card validity and CVV2 / CVP code.
  6. Do not transfer the card to any third parties. If necessary, issue additional cards to relatives.
  7. Do not inform personal information to any unauthorized persons – this is the information agreed with the Bank in order to identify you as the cardholder: code word, identity document data, card number and account number, passwords, PIN number. Do not disclose personal information to any persons unknown to you, whether they pass themselves off as someone else, as these data can be used to commit illegal actions, whereby material and moral damage may be caused to you.
  8. Do not use personal information to participate in lotteries, etc., even if you are promised that participation is free. Do not report personal information over telephone in public places and in the presence of any unauthorized persons, who may hear this information and use it for their own purposes in future. Do not leave documents containing your personal information unattended in public places: including office, hotel, and airport – wherever they may be accessible to any unauthorized persons.
  9. Refrain from keeping personal information open in your computer, mobile phone, and pocket computer. This information can be made accessible to any persons maintaining this equipment, or to malicious users, who have managed to gain access to it via network by stealing it. Before discarding paper documents with personal information tear them into small pieces or use a shredder. To guarantee the information removal from electronic media, you must use special programs, and if impossible, we recommend destroying the media physically.

Please note!

If your personal information has become known to any third parties, you should immediately notify the Bank of this by calling the phone numbers specified on back of your payment card.

Safe payments in Internet with 3-D Secure technology

Dear owners of payment cards of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)!

Paying particular attention to the transaction security in the Internet world network using payment cards, the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) has connected all its payment cards (including corporate) to 3-D Secure service.

3-D Secure technology allows you to identify the payment card holder when making Internet payments using additional password that is known only to the cardholder. 3-D Secure is XML protocol that is used as the enhanced security level for payment cards, which uses two-factor user authentication. This technology ensures high security when paying for goods (work, services) via payment cards in the Internet.

How 3-D Secure technology operates

For security purposes, the holders of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) payment cards are provided with 3-D Secure service and the access to card transactions in the online shops, which support 3-D Secure technology.

Connection to this service will be connected automatically, when the payment card is issued / reissued.

When making payment in the online shop supporting the 3-D Secure service, you shall enter the following data:

  1. card number;
  2. card expiration validity;
  3. upon request – name and surname in Latin transliteration (as specified on back of the card);
  4. CVV2 / CVР code (three-digit number is specified on back of the card).

After entering the required information, you will be redirected to the Bank's website, where one-time password must be entered in a specialized form containing the details of card transaction, in order to confirm the payment.

This password consists of 4 digits and comes via SMS-message to mobile phone. The message also specifies the password validity and the time of password activation in the system.

Please note that the password can be used only for 5 minutes from the moment of receiving the SMS-message and only to confirm the card transaction, during which it was generated.

Having received the one-time password with your mobile phone, you need to check the transaction details on website and to enter the password in the respective field.

If the password is entered correctly, the Customer’s authentication was successful (transaction is considered as an operation performed personally by the cardholder) and you will return to the online shop website.

Following the positive result of transaction authorization, the online shop website should specify that the purchase payment using the card was successful.

If you have entered the one-time password incorrectly, the respective information message will appear, and SMS-message with a new password will be sent to you.

The allowable number of incorrect entries of Dynamic password is 5 (five) times / day.

* SMS-notification service cost – according to the valid Bank service rates


• You can enter your one-time password only, if the browser address bar contains the following address:;

It is prohibited to enter the password in any other addresses in the Internet.