Answers to the questions of depositors of JSC "Qazaq Banki"

The necessary documents for the Depositor are an identity document with an IIN.

If there is no IIN in your identity document, you need to:
  1. get an IIN from an authorized body;
  2. after assigning the IIN, contact the liquidation commission to make changes to the list of guaranteed compensation;
  3. after assigning the IIN and contacting the liquidation commission, you can approach the Bank to receive the payment of the guarantee compensation.
Required documents for the Authorized Person
  1. the original of the identity document of the Authorized person;
  2. original Power of Attorney / notarized Power of Attorney for the disposal of the Depositor's bank account opened in JSC "Qazaq Banki".
Necessary documents for the Heir
  1. the original of the document certifying the identity of the heir;
  2. A certificate of inheritance (or a notarized copy) or a court decision with a note on its entry into legal force;
  3. a notarized copy of the death certificate of the Depositor and other documents provided for by the legislation and internal documents of the Bank.

In case of change of surname first name and patronymic

  1. the original of the identity document;
  2. marriage certificate or certificate of change of surname, first name and patronymic issued by the registry Office.

Necessary documents for an individual entrepreneur (subjects of peasant or farm economy, private notary, private bailiff, lawyer or professional mediator-resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  1. original identity document;
  2. certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur, certificate of state registration of a peasant (farmer) farm or a license to carry out notarial or advocacy activities or activities of a private bailiff.

Payment period by VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)
Compensation will be paid by VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) – from December 24, 2018 to May 01, 2022. You can apply to VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) with a written application for payment of a guarantee refund.

In what time frame can I get a warranty refund
The payment of the guarantee indemnity is made by the Bank within a period not exceeding 5 (five) working days from the date you provide all the necessary documents confirming the right to pay the guarantee indemnity.

Ways to get money

  • open a deposit in a Bank
  • transfer of money to a Bank card Instant
  • transfer of funds to the Client's details
  • cash payment through the Bank's cash desk

Maximum guaranteed amount – the maximum guaranteed amount depends on the currency and type of deposit:

  • 5 million tenge – any deposits in foreign currency
  • 10 million tenge – deposits in tenge: deposits, payment cards, bank accounts
  • 20 million tenge – savings deposits in tenge.

If several deposits of different types and currencies are placed in one bank, then the maximum amount that can be paid to one depositor for all deposits in one bank is 20 million tenge.

In which currency the guarantee amount is paid – the payment of the guarantee compensation is carried out only in the national currency. Deposits in foreign currencies are converted into tenge at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 12.12.2018.

Objects of guarantee – all types of accounts and deposits are subject to guarantee: current and card accounts, payment cards, deposits, deposits and other accounts of individuals, individual entrepreneurs and farms in national and foreign currencies.

Accrual of remuneration – Remuneration is accrued up to the date of entry into force of the court decision on the compulsory liquidation of the bank.

The accumulated (capitalized) remuneration is subject to a guarantee.

Reserve: will there be enough payments for everyone – the Guarantee Fund forms a special reserve to provide guarantees at the expense of bank contributions. Money is provided and allocated for payment to each depositor.

Excess of the guaranteed amount – Depositors who have claims for payment of remuneration that has not been capitalized, or the deposit balance in excess of the guaranteed amount, have the right to apply to the Qazaq Banki liquidation commission to receive the remaining deposit amount

Addresses and contacts of the liquidation commission:

- Almaty, Tulebaeva str., 38/61, Zhetysu Business Center, 4th floor (ug. Makataeva str.), phone: +7 (727) 380 39 51;

- Nur-Sultan, Almaty district, Gabdullina str., 18, VP-3, Block "E", phone: +7(717)255-93-17 (vn 11035).

Where you can get a guarantee refund – You can get a guarantee refund at the branches of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). The addresses of the Bank's branches are located at the following link:

Details about receiving a guarantee refund from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) can be found by calling 8 (727) 3305915, free of charge from a mobile number 5050.

Sincerely, VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)