Campaign «We remember» in VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)


On April 30, 2010, Subsidiary Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) together with General Consulate of the Russian Federation in Almaty city, has carried out a celebratory receipt for Veterans of the World War in "Pugasov" restaurant.
In the year of celebration of the 65-th anniversary of Victory in the World War II, the Kazakhstan subsidiary bank has taken an active part in the large-scale campaign «We remember» which has been hold in the entire VTB Group. The purpose of the Campaign was to preserve the "historical memory», as well as to support and develop patriotic traditions.
137 veterans of War and labor front have been invited to the celebratory dinner. Visitors have been met by representatives of the Bank and Consulate of the Russian Federation. St.George Ribbon, in sign of memory and solidarity, has been pinned to the breasts of veterans. Then they were accompanied to the reception hall.
 «We remember and we honour Your feats for the sake of the Victory. Earthbound bow to You and gratitude for peace time in which we live!»  were the greetings for Veterans of Sergey Gusarov - Acting Chairman of the Bank’s Board VTB (Kazakhstan). «Long years of  life to You, strong health and all blessings!» - were the wishes for the gathered visitors of the General Consul of the Russian Federation in Almaty – Borislav Meshchaninov.
The veterans, the greater part of whom has already celebrated theirs 90-th anniversary, have accepted the invitation to the celebratory dinner with pleasure, as for them,  the heroes  of World War II and labor front – the Victory Day is the possibility to meet with their brother-soldiers, to recollect and commemorate those who haves given their lives for the Victory.
Music collectives of Almaty and Kapchagai area have presented their wishes for the invited veterans. Pair of veterans who have passed through the War together, hand in hand, danced to the strains of military waltz.
May 9-th, the Victory Day is one of few holidays which will always be filled in with special sense. It will remains in the hearts of old and present generation for ever.