We inform you that the new numbers of clients’ bank accounts (IBAN) and the new bank identification codes of banks (BIC) based on the international standards - ISO 13616: IBAN and ISO 9362: BIC, accordingly, will be used in the Republic of Kazakhstan


In connection with the premises SB Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) JSC also introduces the new numbers of accounts according to IBAN (International Bank Account Number) standard.

What IBAN is stand for?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) means number of a bank account of a client with a bank or another financial institution assigned in accordance with the international standard ISO 13616. At present it is used in more than 45 countries, including states of the European Union, their territories and other countries.

Kazakhstani IBAN and structure thereof

Number of clients’ accounts with all banks and other financial organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan will be formed according to unique principle in accordance with IBAN standard, both for payments inside a country, and for international payments.
The Kazakhstani IBAN accounts will be easily identified in all countries using that standard of bank account that will allow considerably speeding up of cross-border payments processing. Introduction and use of IBAN numbers in Kazakhstan is regulated by the “Rules for Opening, Managing and Closing Bank Accounts of Clients with the Banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.
The Kazakhstani IBAN will consist of twenty letter and digit positions:

K Z С С Б Б Б Х  Х  Х  Х  Х  Х  Х  Х  Х  Х  Х  Х  Х
of Kazakhstan
           control position
       digit code of bank (digital)
          interbank number of client’s account

The purpose of introduction of IBAN is to improve automated processing of payments, to reduce number of misspent payments and time for investigation, to speed up processing of international payments.

You account number will be AUTOMATICALLY converted to the new IBAN standard.

From June 07, 2010, the client’s statements will automatically indicate account number according to IBAN standard. You may also see your new account number in the remote account control systems (computer and modem connection “Bank-Client”).

All new accounts will be opened according to IBAN standard from June 7, 2010.
Former account number: 2203ХХХХХ

You may inquire your account number according to IBAN standard at SB Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) JSC by making request to the Operational Department.
If a client uses paper sheet for making payment stating IBAN, it is advisable to separate each four symbols with space.
Example: KZ75 125K ZT20 6910 0100

When filling out payment and other documents in electronic form, number of bank account must be entered without spaces. Likewise, in that event it is forbidden to add any other abbreviations (for example, IBAN, A/C, Account No, etc.) before account number:
Example: KZ75125KZT2069100100

What IBAN is necessary for?

Since algorithm of calculation of IBAN control position is unified in all countries for all IBAN numbers, a bank may, when accepting payments, check whether or not an account number of a final recipient is stated accurately (even if a recipient is a client of another bank). Thus, number of payment refunding will be reduced, as well as speed of international payment processing will be increased due to unified standards.
Under present-day conditions of integration of Kazakhstan into the world economy transition to the international standards will allow creating favourable basis for making efficient decisions in the course of integration.

From June 7, 2010, account number in all Kazakhstani and international payments will be used according to IBAN standards only.

What clients must do?

In order to inquire new number of its bank account (IBAN), it is necessary to make request to its bank.
If a client has accounts with several banks, then it will obtain IBAN number relating to particular account in a bank, in which that account had been opened.
AT the same time it is necessary to obtain from a bank the information about the new bank identification code of bank (BIC).
Upon receipt of IBAN account number and BIC-code of servicing bank it is necessary to inform their business partners in Kazakhstan and abroad about these essential elements and terms of their coming into effect (June 7, 2010), as well as inquire IBAN account numbers and new BIC of banks of their Kazakhstani partners.
We draw your attention that from June 7, 2010, when making payments and transfers of money both in Kazakhstan and abroad, it will be necessary to state only new bank details corresponding to the international standards (IBAN and BIC).

Examples of IBAN and BIC in some countries


IBAN Example 

BIC Example

Germany DE89 3704 0044 0532 0130 00  DEUTDEBB
Great Britain  GB29 NWBK 6016 1331 9268 19  BOFIGB2B
Finland FI21 1234 5600 0007 85  HELSFIHH
Sweden SE35 5000 0000 0549 1000 0003  NDEASESS
Netherlands NL39 RABO 0300 0652 64  ABNANL2A
Turkey  TR33 0006 1005 1978 6457 8413 26 ADABTRIS
Kazakhstan KZ75 125K ZT20 6910 0100  NBRKKZKX


Introduction of new account numbers in Kazakhstan according to IBAN standard shall be regulated by the Rules for Opening, Managing and Closing Bank Accounts of Clients with Banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved by regulation of the Management Board of the National Bank of Kazakhstan No.266 dated June 2, 2000.
If you have any questions, please, contact to your servicing bank or to the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, call (727) 270-47-20, 270-47-64.