VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) gives presents to Talgar Children’s Home


The team of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) assisted inmates of the State Institution (Talgar Children Psychoneurological Medical and Social Institution).

In summer The VTB Volunteers campaign started throughout VTB group within The VTB to the Country project. The campaign is aimed at voluntary assistance provided by bank employees to vulnerable segments of the population.

Employees of the Kazakhstan Bank decided to provide one-day salary to purchase necessary things.
Development toys, children clothes (from underwear and pajamas to jeans, warm sweaters and coats), footwear (sneakers, sandals and flip-flops) as well as 4 large inflatable swimming pools were bought to the amount of KZT 500,000.00. Employees’ children gathered toys and books within The VTB Volunteers campaign.

The management of Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) gave the presents to the Director of the children’s home, Gulnar Kantarbayeva. Now 101 children at the age from 3 to 18 years old live in this institution. 42 children cannot move on their own and they lie most of the time. Wood toys have been purchased specially for these children as they help develop motor function, attention and tactile senses. The puppet show and a number of table games have been bought for older inmates. 

In our charity we focused, first of all, on provision of direct support, placing a priority on boarding school inmates with ICP and mental disorders as these children are not spoiled with attention”, says Alexandr Kostyan, Chairman of Board of Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).


For reference:

VTB sees its social mission in promotion to preservation and augmentation of the national wealth of the countries in which the Bank operates, whether they are cultural and spiritual values or nation’s health.
The VTB’s program The World without Tears aimed at support of children’s health care was introduced in 2003.
The VTB to the Country Campaign means help to the society under the VTB brand in such social directions as improvement of financial literacy, environmental protection and volunteering. The campaign’s slogan is “Help with your own hands”: social campaigns within the project are conducted by employees themselves. In April-July of 2009 three campaigns, such as VTB Open Day, VTB Garden and VTB Volunteers, were held in all cities where VTB Group is present.