From July 26, 2010, Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) begins to grant credits to private individuals


“From fantastic conditions to real opportunities” – peoples will be granted credits under such a slogan broken by products “Credits in cash without collateral” and “Credits on security of deposit”.

Launch of new products is the next step in development of retail business of Bank VTB (Kazakhstan). New credit programs allow getting required sum promptly and subject to favourable terms and conditions.

Credits are granted in tenge and US dollar to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan with stable confirmed income, for consumer purposes, for a period from 6 to 24 months. Advantages of credits in cash are absence of initial contribution, pledge, commission fee for approval of a credit and for early repayment upon expiration of 3 months from a date on which a credit had been granted.

Credits in cash are credits for any consumer purposes. They give an opportunity to enjoy life right away, without putting off a long-awaited purchase, voyage or repair.

For information only:
Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) actively develops retail business underlying products in demand at the moment. Today clients of the bank makes cash and settlement operations, complete formalities to deposit money, keep valuables in safe depositary and make foreign exchange transactions. Until the end 2010 it is planned to open branches in 5 cities of Kazakhstan that will allow offering the Kazakhstani people up-to-date and professional banking services.