Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) congratulated Veterans of War with Victory Day


On May 06, 2011, Bank VTB (Kazakhstan) together with General Consulate of the Russian Federation in Almaty has led a holiday reception for Veterans of War, in honor of 66th anniversary of the Great Victory.

There have been invited more than 100 veterans of the War and Labor front to the holiday dinner. To congratulate in common the participants of the War became the good tradition of the Bank and Consulate – one year ago, in the same restaurant "Pugasov" 65th anniversary of the Victory was celebrated.

Veterans, bigger half of which has already held 90 years anniversary, with great pleasure have accepted the invitation to a the holiday dinner, after all for them, War Heroes – the Victory Day is the opportunity to meet the brother-soldiers, to remember and pay the tribute to the memory of those who has lost the life for the Victory. 

«In our hearts the memory of the feat of participants of the War will live for ever. In each family there will be stories about grandfathers and great-grandfathers, relatives and families who have brought the contribution to the Victory over aggressors. Let the peace sky be over our heads always, let our children and grandsons never know sorrows of war and losts» -welcomed Veterans Alexander Kostyan, the First deputy of Chairman of board of Bank VTB (Kazakhstan).

«Sound health and longevity to all veterans, heroes of the Great Victory!» - wished the gathered visitors the General Consul of the Russian Federation in Almaty – Borislav Meshchjaninov.

The Victory Day is the holiday which fills our hearts with pride and gratitude, holiday – of courage, heroism, and kindness.