VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) plans to install 20 bank machines more by the end of the year


VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO plans to install 20 bank machines more throughout the Republic by the end of this year. Currently 24 bank machines located in the branches and additional premises of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO have been operating in Kazakhstan.

The most of the bank machines is located in the financial center of the country, Almaty city.

It should be noted that VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO plans to launch a project of inter-host connection with Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC. The key advantage of this project for VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO cards holders is possibility to use the network of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC’s bank machines and departments with insignificant difference in commission fee in case of cash withdrawal.

Installation of the additional bank machines and inter-host connection project are the significant advantages for the Bank’s customers when they are serviced by means of the payment cards.