Ruslan Issabekov, the winner of the “Holidays in Paris with VTB Bank payment card” Promotional Event, “It is unexpected but very pleasant surprise!”


VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO has drawn the first prize within the frameworks of the “Holidays in Paris with VTB Bank payment card” Promotional Event. Ruslan Issabekov, a 23-years old manager of Trade Company from Almaty city, has obtained one of three IPad3. As the winner admitted, a call from VTB Bank employee surprised him but at the same time he was gladdened,

“I was called and said that I has won IPad3 from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). At first I thought somebody was joking on me, however, when I was asked to name the payment card number, I have understood that this was not the friends’ drawing but a real
gift from my Bank. All colleagues heard my triumphant shout. A moment later I was accepting congratulations. Afterwards I called parents – certainly, they were very glad about me.”

- Why did you become the customer of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)?

- Now people are very selective in choice of the banks. Before opening an account or taking a loan they are studying the market thoroughly and for a long time. I am working in the field of trade
and I am interested in finance news and bank sphere. When I decided to open the payment card, I was advised one of Kazakhstan banks but my choice fell to VTB. VTB in Russia is the largest bank. Although it has been operating in Kazakhstan for not very long period of time, this is a part of great financial group which has been working all over the world for many years. Now I am convinced in correctness of my choice.

- How do you use VTB Bank payment card?

- I often pay for telecommunication services in Internet by means of VTB Bank payment card. This is convenient – you should not stand in a queue and ask leave at work. I pay with the card in supermarkets – it is significantly more convenient
than cash which may be lost. We are all modern people who value our time. Therefore, it is not a luxury but necessity to use the electronic gadgets.
The payment cards are more reliable and convenient than any purse. Moreover,
with VTB Bank cards you may win valuable prizes. Is this not a miracle?!

- Wherefrom did you know about the “Holidays in Paris with VTB Bank payment card” Promotional Event?

- The Event’s advertising campaign is very extensive: in Internet, by radio, billboards are installed around the city. However, using VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) payment card in my everyday life, I haven’t thought that I can win something. It is pleasant that this Event doesn’t force to do something supernatural, there are no additional conditions. You just live as you lived before, use the payment card and receive a chance to win valuable prizes. Probably, I will say again but the payment card for me is a vital necessity which makes it possible to save time and simplify my life. Moreover, thanks to VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) I knew that it was possible to win SUCH gift with the payment card. Thank you, IPad3 from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will make me more mobile. I will manage more and work better.

- It is pleasant to hear such words! What will you advise the
potential customers of our Bank?

- All my friends, colleagues and neighbors know that I has won IPad3 from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), (he is laughing). Some people do not believe, but I will show them the tablet PC and they will be assured that this is real. I am not speaking about the main prize – a trip to Paris for two persons. Somebody will have real luck! I can advice everybody who hasn’t yet become a customer of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) not to waste any time. If somebody doesn’t believe, I am a real and “live” example of the fact that the Event is working and everybody may win. Take part, friends! May Lady Luck smile on you! It is very simple – just receive VTB Bank card, pay with it and win. And once more – thanks very much to VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)!