Contact fast money transfers to Czechia through VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)


CONTACT payment system implemented for its customers a range of projects to increase accessibility and enhance the capabilities to send money transfers to Czechia: above 600 departments of one of the largest Czech banks, Ceska Sporitelna, have been connected to CONTACT network; schedule of tariffs for transfers have been temporarily reviewed significantly downwards.

Since November 10, 2012 CONTACT money transfers have become possible to receive in 645 departments of Ceska Sporitelna Bank located throughout Czechia. Currency of transactions: transfer is sent in US Dollars or Euro, and payment is made in Czech koruna. Herewith, a sender gets the information about the exact amount of payment directly at the moment of money transfer execution. Transfers are available for payment on the third working day from the day of sending.

Moreover, CONTACT payment system is holding the promotion campaign relating to decrease of the commission fees for money transfer sent to Czechia from Russia and near abroad countries from December 10, 2012 to May 31, 2013. Thus, sending the transfer up to 1000 $/€ will cost to the customer 1,9% (minimum 2 $/€) of the amount, 1,75% of the amount between 1000 $/€ and 3000 $/€, and 1,6% of the amount above 3000 $/€ . New commission fees are applied to other CONTACT payment points in Czechia regardless of transfer payment form – by cash, by check delivery to home, or by crediting an account through Money Polo.