“Holidays in Paris with VTB Bank card” Promotional Event – Congratulations, you have won!


On New Year evethe next (third) drawing of the prize within the frameworks of “Holidays in Paris with VTB Bank card” Promotional Event arranged jointly with VISA International Payment System was held in the building of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) Head Office.

A winner was defined by the automatic random sampling technique. Natalya Bukina, a citizen of Petropavlovsk city, a machinist of the compressor unit, has become the owner of IPad3. The winner was at work when an employee of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO called her.

- The news was absolutely unexpected for me. I was sitting at work and when I was said that I had won I was very surprised (laughing).

- How did you start to cooperate with VTB Bank?

- Igo to work and see a big banner with the advertisement of “Holidays in Paris with VTB card” Promotional Event. I decided to take part and opened the card. But, as usually, I didn’t’t hope to win. A little later I forgot that I was a participant of the Event. I often visit Russia with business therefore, your Bank’s card is required to me. Moreover, my sister lives there. Thus, I need VTB Bank card in connection with business and family affairs. And this time, on New Year eve, I was called and said that I had won a valuable prize. I am very glad to get such gift from VTB Bank. This is so suddenly and pleasant at the same time.

- You could say you managed to combine pleasant with useful …

- Yes, I often use payment card and now I have won Ipad3 with the help of this card. Now I am trying to master new gadget. My grandson sometimes helps me. We were taking photographs and contacting relatives on New Year Holidays. Generally, I become an advanced user of modern device.

- How do your relatives and friends react to your prize?

- In surprise. Many people are still asking me whether I have really won this gift or not. And I am as the “living” example that the Event really works and the prizes are real. I thank you kindly. I have never won anything in my life. And this time I have won SUCH gift. I bought lottery tickets for several times but I was not successful. And this time I was lucky. It was a beautiful New Year gift. Many people became interested in your Bank now. All my friends want to open VTB card and take part in the Promotional Events.

There are a lot of banks in Kazakhstan but for the first time I see suchlike events. Well done! You can provoke the customers’ interest. And your tariffs are good. Apart from card opening, I use VTB Bank money transfers. I like your service.

- Do you believe now that VTB Bank’s promotional events really work?

- Certainly! I got the prize and I use it. I got Ipad3 and somebody will be lucky to visit Paris. It’s beautiful! Now I advise all my friends to become VTB Bank’s customer. I wish everybody health, happiness and welfare and stable growth and prosperity to VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). Thank you very much!

- Thank you, Natalya!