Meeting of the Retail Business Coordination Commission at Managing Committee of VTB Group


The meeting of the Retail Business Coordination Commission at the Managing Committee of VTB Group was held in Almaty city under the chairmanship of the deputy President – Chairman of the Board, Director of VTB24 Retail Business Department Yekaterina Petelina.

The representatives of the head office and subsidiary organizations of VTB Bank discussed the results of work for year 2012, Group business development strategy, identified the stages of high-priority projects implementation for year 2013.

Yekaterina Petelina said, “Dear friends, I am very glad that we meet in Almaty. It is a beautiful city in which it is very warm and cozy. Whateventdowehavehere? Quarterly we hold the meeting of the heads of all subsidiary banks. This meeting is the most important for us this year since it is devoted to summarizing the results of Group retail business development for year 2012 and approval of the plan on business development for year 2013. TheresultsofKazakhstanVTBforyear 2012 areevident. I can say that last year VTB (Kazakhstan) was absolute leader. It showed the highest growth of credit portfolio of individuals. At the beginning of year 2012 Kazakhstan bank in our rank was next to the last. It doesn’t mean that it is bad – the Bank is young, it is developing. However, following the results of year 2012 VTB (Kazakhstan) took the second place namely under the retail assets. Thisisanoutstandingresult. I think that Kazakhstan team may be rightfully proud of its achievements. On behalf of the shareholder I would like to cheer about the colleagues and to wish them the same good development.”

The year 2012 for VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO was marked by significant growth of the basic indexes. The volume of retail credit portfolio amounted KZT 27,53 billion in comparison with KZT 9,79 billion as of the beginning of the year. The volume of consumer loans for individuals increased by 285% up to KZT 13,24 billion.

In 2012 three new products for small business subjects were launched: “Premium loan” is a product specially designated to attract major customers, “Fast loan for small business” is the most popular among the customers with simplified scheme of financial analysis, and “Overdraft for small business” is one of the most high-yielding products in demand.

The Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO Sergey Gussarov shared the plans, “In 2013 VTB (Kazakhstan) intends to launch several new bank products at once: “Commersant” loan is an express loan for business owners and “Quick transfers in VTB Bank system”. Nowadays new technologies develop rashly and we try to comply with them and to offer to the customers the services which help them in their day-to-day life. Therefore, we plan to connect Internet-Banking, mobile banking, service of SMS-notice. The service “Merchant acquiring” will become available for the legal entities. The works on opening of VIP office are being held.”

The Bank was assigned the status of principal member of VISA International Payment System in June 2012. Inter-host connection with Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC was launched in November. This made it possible for VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) payment cards to use the bank machines of Halyk Bank without additional commission. Currently VTB (Kazakhstan) has 30 own bank machines. It is planned to increase their quantity up to 63 by the year 2014.

This year VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO started issuing chip payment cards and international credit cards. It is also planned to issue premium cards (Platinum, Infinite). Payment for the services through the bank machines will also be available for holders of VTB (Kazakhstan) cards.

The total number of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) increased three-fold as of the first day of January, 2013.

For reference:

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC SO – is 100% subsidiary Bank of the largest Russian VTB Bank OJSC.

The Bank is an associated member of Visa International Payment System and it has the right for own issue of the payment cards.

VTB Bank and its subsidiaries form international financial group which carries out its activity at Russian and foreign markets. VTB Group consists of above 20 banks and financial companies in 19 countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia and Africa. The major shareholder of VTB – Government of the Russian Federation (75,5%). VTB Group has been rendering a complete range of the financial services, including bank service of private and corporate customers, investment and bank and additional financial services including leasing, factoring, insurance and pension coverage.