VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) – schedule of work on May Days


Dear customers!

Many holidays will be celebrated in May:

· May 1 – Kazakhstan People Unity Day

· May 7 – Defender’s Day

· May 9 – Victory Day.

People in Kazakhstan like all these holidays and celebrate them. Please, get acquainted with the list of holidays and days-off and work schedule of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).

May 1 – day-off

The Bank will operate as usually on May 2 and 3.

May 4 – Saturday, according to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is working day, but May 10 (Friday) – is day-off.

May 5, Sunday – is day-off

May 6 – the Bank will operate as usual.

May 7 – is the Defender’s Day which is the Holiday from this year.

On May 8, the employees of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will be glad to see you again in our offices and next day the entire Kazakhstan will celebrate the great holiday – Victory Day!

May 10 (Friday), as it was mentioned above – is day-off.

May 11 (Saturday), May 12 (Sunday) – are traditional days-off.

We congratulate everybody on forthcoming holidays!