Interview with the winner of “Holidays in Paris with VTB card” Promotional Offer from Shymkent city


The end of the last year was marked by not only expectations of the End of Days and then enjoyment that it didn’t occur but summing up the results of “Holidays in Paris with VTB card” Promotional Offer held together with Visa international payment system . Herewith, the results of drawing were more important for the Promotional Offer participants than any apocalypses. Now nobody thinks of the End of Days but the wins from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will always be remembered by the winners.

Let’s remember that the promotional offer was held from September 1 to November 30, 2012.

The holders of VISA payment cards issued by VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) who within the Promotional Offer period executed at least ten cashless transactions to any amount on payment for the goods and services in any trade and service enterprises in any country of the world using this card could take part in this Promotional Offer.

The prize fund of the ‘Holidays in Paris’ Promotional Offer:

· Three IPads;

· 5 certificates for the trip to Paris (each certificate for two persons);

The winners of Promotional Offer were defined by the computer using automatic random sampling of transactions numbers. Following the results of each autumn month the owners of IPad3 were defined and happy men whom the Bank presented the trip to Paris became known on December 11, 2012.

Three winners of the Promotional Offer won Ipad3. Ruslan Issabekov, a manager of the trading company from Almaty city, has been using his tablet PC at work, thereby, he became more mobile and now he manages to do more work. A citizen of Astana city, Lyazzat Nurtazanova, found out about her victory in few days after birth day – it appeared to be some gift from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), and a representative of Petropavlovsk city Natalya Bukina masters new gadget to communicate with relatives who live in Russia.

Everyone who took part in the Promotional Offer was waiting for the drawing of main prizes – 5 certificates for trip to Paris for two persons. Although as practice shows, news about victory was unexpected for all. In spite of the fact that many people executed the payment card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) in order to use the possibility to win the trip to Paris.

As a result, happy men who obtained the trips to the capital city of France were defined. 10 people became the winners in total: Yevgeniy and Tatyana Kaufman from Taraz city, Yelena Samoilenko with husband Yevgeniy Baibulatov from Pavlodar city, Irina Kopytina, Svetlana Vinogradova, Dossan Bekezhanov and Gulnara Rakhmetova from Almaty city, the representatives of sunny Shymkent Dmitriy Deina and Valeriya Reshetnikova.

Dmitriy Deina told, “I remember that it was the first or the second working day after the New Year when the manager of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) called me and said that I had won a trip to Paris. I said her not to joke in such way. However, a girl was trying to convince me that this wasn’t drawing. She asked me to bring the required documents.”

- When were you convinced that this wasn’t a joke?

- Probably, it happened when we got aboard and were asked to fasten the belts. Only then I felt that I wouldn’t be kicked out (laughing). And all the time it seemed to me that there was some joker, it was impossible and in any way I would have to pay for something. It is not a secret that now many promotional campaigns are held but many of them are with some “surprises” which usually come to light later.

- Did you open VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) card for the promotional offer?

- I opened the card immediately after the Bank’s Branch was opened in our city. It is located in very convenient place; it takes me five minutes to get to the Branch from my home. I was one of the first customers of your Bank. I like everything in your Bank – no queues, good service and competitive prices. Three more banks are located nearby but I chose VTB Bank, in particular.

- What was the basis for your decision when choosing the bank?

- VTB Bank is the leader of the Russian bank sector. I heard about this Bank before; therefore I decided to use its services. And this Bank meets my requirements.

- Let’s return to your prize. Have you ever been in Paris before?

- I have never been in Europe before; therefore, I was very glad to have such opportunity together with my wife. It was a beautiful travel. Everything was arranged at the highest level: very expensive hotel, flight to Almaty, polite relationship, honesty and openness – thanks to VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) and its staff for everything this! We travelled through the entire Paris for one week. We liked it very much. Besides, we were very lucky with weather. Thus, we had a fantastic journey.

- Did you friends and relatives discuss your win during the long time afterwards?

- The relatives knew about our trip from the very beginning and we decided not to tell friends about it – we were afraid they could put the evil eye. Although, even our parents didn’t believe – they even thought that I had bought the trip ticket. Finally, everybody believed although they are still surprising that I can take part in the promotional offer absolutely fairly and win it. And we are also convinced in this - people from different regions of Kazakhstan appeared to be the winners. All they are usual customers of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) who by the long arm of coincidence could win such a beautiful gift. It was really unforgettable! I have never seen such campaigns. VTB didn’t save money, keep silence or send people to travel. The Bank worked to the maximum possible extent. This evokes my deep respect to the management and financial institution itself.

- Dmitriy, have you ever won something in similar campaigns?

- I have never seen such campaigns before. The case is I am not a risky person – I got accustomed to make money by myself and not to hope for anybody. I needed the card to make purchases by Internet. I heard about the campaign but I didn’t think that I could win. I was using the card, making transactions and it appeared that I won the trip to Paris due to this fact – I think this is a fairytale, is that so?!

- Your wishes to those who are thinking to participate or not in such campaigns…

- I would like to say that if a campaign is being held by such reliable bank as VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), it is necessary to take part therein. We with my life are “live: examples that anybody can win. You just need to make first step and your prize will find you. I wish everybody good luck and VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) professional growth, income, good customers and great wins!