VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) in Facebook


Welcome to the official page of our Bank in Facebook social network.

“Like” our page in Facebook and tell all your friends and clients about this news.

Our page is open for the users all over the world and we aim that as more potential customers – both individuals and legal entities – as possible know about the services of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).

Due to powerful possibilities of targeting (applying to the target audience) in Facebook, the Bank may address directly those who have the possibility and wish to use our complex of offers.

It is planned to develop on-line department of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) which will render the opportunity to work with the most advanced customers of the bank services where it is mostly convenient for them. Life of a modern person is too much dynamic and saturated to stand in a queue and expend time in visiting a bank’s department. It is necessary to be always nearby wherever he is.

It will be possible to get the most part of the services for individuals and to obtain qualitative consultation thereon in the virtual department.

Thus, Facebook of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will have the following advantages for a customer:

· No queues;

· Availability from any point of the world;

· Completeness of information rendered;

· Opportunity to leave the request on a 24-hour basis;

· Additional useful functions and services;

· Innovativeness which distinguishes VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) from the competitors.

Now the on-line requests for opening of credit cards and obtaining the loans for small business development are already available on our page. In the near future we will accept the requests for opening deposits and other products through Facebook.

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http://www.facebook.com/BankVtbKazahstan .