Holiday for the pupils of the Charity School for children of minority age arranged by Petropavlovsk branch of VTB Bank

05.06.2013 On June 01 the employees of Petropavlovsk branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) headed by Gulnara Aytbayeva, acting director of the Branch, came to Petropavlovsk Charity School for children of minority age State Institution located 30 km far from the city. The guests of the School were being waited by woesome eyes of children – orphans and those whose parents were deprived of the parental rights.

The Holiday to honor the Children’s Day was started by the music concert prepared by children. Children were singing the songs together with the adults, reading poems and dancing.

Gulnar Aytbayeva said, “It was a surprise for children that we took part in the sports competitions. All people willing to compete were divided into 2 equal teams where children and adults were acting together. We were jumping with jump rope, running with rings, throwing the balls into the ring … All participants were given fluffy toys and merit certificates”.

Meanwhile, when older children were taking part in sport competitions, the kids were busy with creative process. They were diligently drawing their children dream, wisely thinking not in a baby-like way.

Then the most cheerful moment occurred – the adults announced the holiday dinner for children.

The Holiday was ending outside: children were making wishes and released the air-balloon to the sky. The little people shared with the Bank’s employees their wishes – above 90% of them wished to have a family.

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) presented each child the T-shirts, skirts, jeans, towel, slippers and treated to all ten delicious cakes. Notebook, printer, kitchen machine and vacuum cleaner were bought for the School.

The employees of VIS LLP, a customer of Petropavlovsk branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), arranged motor biking for children.

The Holiday occurred to be cheerful and full of happy moments and unforgettable for children and for us, adults.

The Branch will help the children of Petropavlovsk Charity School for children of minority age in future too so that the holidays would be more and childhood of the pupils would be cheerful.