Mr. Andrey Kostin, the President of the CIS Financial & Bank Council, “Astana – is a symbol of new Kazakhstan, its successful political and economic development.”

06.07.2013 Last week the forum of the CIS Financial & Bank Council was held in Yalta.

The President of the CIS Financial & Bank Council is Andrey Kostin.

Andrey Leonidovich, President-Chairman of the Management Board, VTB Bank OJSC, has expressed his opinion on the occasion of the holiday, Kazakhstan Capital City Day,
“Astana has become a symbol of political and economic success of new independent state.”

The Head of VTB summarized, “Coming to Astana, I am always delighted with the achievements of Kazakhstan during the years of independence. I am always glad to visit Astana and Kazakhstan and to work there. I think the relations between Russia and Kazakhstan will develop successfully and we will promote this. I would like to wish further welfare and development to people of Kazakhstan and its capital city!”