“CONTACT Successful Transfer – 25% Discount” Promotional Offer


To increase the efficiency and volume of the transfers sent, CONTACT Payment System has implemented the project on decrease of the transfers sending tariff for its customers.

It became possible to send the transfers with 25% discount from September 1, 2013, to December 31, 2013.

The commission fee charged from the sender within the period of the Promotional Offer will amount:

  • 1,5 % of the transfer sum provided that the transfer sum is less than USD/EURO 4 950 or RUR 175000.
  • USD 75 provided that the transfer sum in USD/EURO is equivalent or more than USD/EURO 4 950.
  • RUR 2625 provided that the transfer sum in RUR is equal to or more than RUR 175 000.

The basic values of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) are the customers’ trust and reliability.
Combination of the firm positions at the financial market, international experience and scale of VTB Group are the guarantee of the Bank’s reliability and strength.