Team of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) participated in the VIII VTB Sports Contest

18.09.2013 VIII VTB Sports Contest took place in Moscow on September 14. 37 teams from more than 30 cities and countries of the world united by VTB Group participated in this grandiose sport event.

VTB Sport Contest is held every two years and it is one of the most significant events in the corporate life of the Bank. Our team participated in the Sport Contest in 2011, and this year it went to the VIII Sport Contest in the extended line-up. 32 employees of our bank went to Bank in order to represent VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).

The delegation was headed by Sergey Nikolayevich Gusarov, Chairman of the Board of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). The cold weather (+11 degrees totally), drizzling rain and hard wind accompanied the day of the Sport Contest. But the joy of meeting and waiting for a big holiday helped all participants.

List of participants, as well as the scope of VTB Group was impressive, because the Sport Contest gathered all Russia (from Moscow to Vladivostok, the CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia) and Georgia, far abroad (Austria, Germany, France, Angola) and many subsidiary financial organizations (VTB Pension Fund, VTB Insurance, VTB Leasing, VTB capital, Specialized depositary, etc), the Bank of Moscow, etc. Teams of VTB Bank of Azerbaijan and Serbia participated for the first time this year.

Andrey Kostin, the President-Chairman of the Board of OJSC VTB Bank welcomed participants of the Sport Contest by video-address.

The right to declare the VIII Sport Contest opened was granted to Vasily Titov, the First Deputy President-Chairman of the Board of OJSC VTB.

The team of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) took part in competitions on mini-football, chess, weight lifting, street ball, paintball, golf, karting, bowling and in the bright competition of cheerleaders.

VTB Sport Contest gave a lot of vivid memories: meeting up with old friends, acquaintances with new people.