The best cashier of North-Kazakhstan Region works in VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)


Head cashier of the Branch of Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) in Petropavlovsk city – Elena Aleksandrovna Safonova took 2nd place in the competition of professional skills among bank cashiers of North-Kazakhstan Region.

Interbank competition among cashiers was held in the building of the Branch of JSC «Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan» in Petropavlovsk city on October 25, 2013. The competition was dedicated to celebration of the 20th anniversary of the National currency - tenge and the 90th anniversary of Halyk Bank. This large-scale competition was attended by all second-tier banks of North-Kazakhstan Region and employees of the National Bank of the region.

According to idea of organizers, the main objective of the competition was increase of the prestige of bank cashiers, promotion of achievements and advanced experience of highly qualified employees, improvement of professional skills.

Competition consisted of 2 parts:

1. Theoretical part, which defined the knowledge of regulatory legal acts, definition of solvency and authenticity of banknotes and coins, conducting cash, safe-deposit transactions, procedure and timing of currency exchange, withdrawal of banknotes and coins, tricky questions.

2. Practical part of the competition consisted in skills of counting banknotes, sorting according to deterioration degree of, year of issue, inspection of clearance of required elements of cash documents. Competition on speed of counting money manually was held in addition.

Each bank of the region has considered it as a duty to nominate for competition its strongest employee. Right to represent the Branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) in Petropavlovsk was entrusted to head cashier - Elena Aleksandrovna Safonova.

Elena Aleksandrovna – is a true master of her profession with over 20-year experience of working in banking sector. Her professionalism, endurance, experience and love for her work is an example for all employees of the branch.

The whole Bank was rooting for the victory of Elena Aleksandrovna because competition was more than tough, because the contest was attended by the strongest cashiers of the region.

Following the results of competition, in hard fight, Elena Aleksandrovna deservedly took the 2nd place! Our results surpassed performance of large banks: National Bank, Kazkommertsbank, BTA, etc. Training level of the officer of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) was especially marked when summing up.