Promotional offer «Into New Year with VTB credit card»: the floor is given to winners

09.12.2013 According to winners of the promotional offer of the Bank «Into New Year with VTB credit card» New Year's time became the beginning of sequence of luck and fortune.

100 customers from all over Kazakhstan can win cash prize for New Year's gifts for their relatives and friends. Monthly: in October, November, December 30 lucky owners of prize with nominal of 50 000 tenge will be determined among clients who have opened credit card of our Bank. And in January 2014 ten clients, who have mastered 50% of credit limit of the card, will win 150 000 tenge.

After receiving prizes, the winners of October prize drawing have shared their impressions and plans on how to spend the won 50,000 tenge.

Ruslan Zhayshayev (Almaty): «I learned about the promotional offer by means of direct marketing, then, having become interested I have opened a credit line in VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). As a financier, I understand that the product is very competitive: I have compared credit conditions in different second-tier banks – have conducted some kind of analysis, as a result I came to VTB Bank. Not waiting for New Year, I spent my won prize on the celebration of the Day of the financier. This is a great promotional offer: for small fee for opening the card I received credit limit, which is interest-free herewith because I repay it within the specified period, and atop, additionally, I received another 50 thousand tenge»!

Nadezhda Pavlova (Astana): «Soon, I am waiting for exciting event – I am given an apartment, so I prefer not to spend all funds, including the won - a little later when I will move already to my own apartment, they will be very useful to me. Of course, my prize from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will be a significant help in solving the housing issue».

Kira Makhneva (Karaganda): «The promotional offer became some kind of incentive for me - the product offered by the Bank is already good, but with the offer - it became doubly attractive. The won amount will be spent to celebration of the approaching birthday of my daughter».

Aygul Omarova (Pavlodar): «The prize was well spent - my son entered the university, and exactly time to pay for his studies has come. Pleasantly! Now I think of how to repay an existing loan as soon as possible and…to take another»!

Aygul Sadikova (Semey): «Promotional offer of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) gives faith in miracles, especially on the eve of such clear family holiday as New Year. We all know from childhood that in the New Year’s Eve we should to wait for surprises - this year I received a gift, I hope that from this moment a sequence of miracles and amenities will begin in my life. I plan to save my prize until March 2014 and celebrate my birthday. So, I received a gift both for New Year and birthday. Thank VTB Bank!»

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) offers credit cards with the grace period of repayment up to 60 days and the amount of credit limit up to 2 000 000 tenge. Credit cards of the Bank differ by convenient scheme of repayment and savings on interest payment.