Following the results of the I quarter of 2014 volume of money transfers of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) has increased by 70%

06.06.2014 Following the results of the I quarter of 2014 volume of money
transfers of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) has increased in comparison
with the same period of 2013 by 70% or 1,7 times.

Experts of the Bank note that prevailing share of sent transfers was made in Russian rubles, herewith TOP-3 directions include Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Number of sent transfers for the reporting period has amounted to
11 000 totaling 14 million US Dollars (in total, including transfers in Tenge, Russian rubles and Euros). Number of paid transfers has exceeded 6 000 totaling 8 million US Dollars.

Dmitry Yakovlev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan): «We steadily cooperate with international systems of money transfers, constantly improving efficiency and expanding the range of provided services. Our customers select one or another system based on preferences, for example, according to speed of money transfer and geography. Transfers via system of «Golden Crown», 37% of received transfers and 47% of sent transfers in the total amount of transfers, were the most popular in the I quarter of 2014».

Today Bank performs transfers of funds via system of «Quick money transfers via intrabranch network of Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan)», as well as systems of «Western Union», «Contact», «Golden Crown» and «Unistream».

For reference:
SO JCS VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) - is 100% subsidiary Bank of the largest Russian OJSC VTB Bank. License of the FSA of the RK No. 1.1.259 dated 22.05.2009.
The Bank was assigned international rating at the «BB+» / «Negative» forecast level from Standard & Poor’s Agency. The branch network of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) covers 17 cities and amounts to 24 points of sales . VTB Bank and its subsidiaries form international financial group which conducts its activities in Russian and foreign markets.
VTB Group consists of more than 30 banks and financial companies in 20 countries of the CIS, Europe, Asia and Africa. The major shareholder of VTB – is the Government of the Russian Federation (60,9%).