Application of VTB Bank Regarding EU Sanctions

01.08.2014 VTB strongly disapproves the decision of European authorities to limit the Group’s access to capital markets.  Such actions contradict Europe's democratic values, showing they have gone against their own interests to do the bidding of their senior colleagues from across the ocean.

These decisions are incompatible with the core principles and values of the free market, and discriminate against VTB as well as international investors.  European authorities have de facto granted themselves the right to decide for investors where they may invest their own funds.

Despite the sanctions that have been imposed, VTB Bank and all its subsidiaries continue to operate as usual, honouring all obligations to investors and shareholders, while upholding our commitment to providing high quality service to our clients. 

Any future capital markets transactions will be subject to the Group's funding needs, as well as market opportunities and conditions.