Borrowers opt for purchasing new cars in the price range - from 1 500 000 to 3 000 000 tenge

27.11.2014 From October 2014 VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) provides loans for purchasing cars in car showrooms - partners of the Bank. Currently, the number of sales outlets of the Bank – amounts to 27 car showrooms (including network of car showrooms UzDaewoo, Ural-Krov-Auto, Tarlan Auto, Vivaga Lada, etc.).

The Bank offers borrowers two lending programs: «Autolending (car showrooms)» and «Auto Light». Within the framework of these programs, the Bank provides an opportunity to buy a car of national or foreign production. Within the framework of the «Autolending (car showrooms)» program you can get a loan up to 20 000 000 tenge (or equivalent in US dollars or Russian rubles) for up to 7 years. The minimum interest rate in this case amounts to– from 18% per annum.

The amount up to 5 000 000 tenge, the absence ofinitial payment and solvency assessment are offered to borrowers who have decided to use the «Auto Light» program. The loan is given for up to 7 years, the interest rate amounts to - from 18% per annum.

Dmitry Yakovlev, Deputy Chairman of the Board – Member of the Board of Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan):«Since April 2014 we observe the following trend: customers are increasingly opting for purchasing new cars, herewith preferred currency of the loan is–tenge, price range - from 1 500 000 to 3 000 000 tenge». D.Yakovlev has also reported that the Bank plans to open new and develop existing sales outlets in car showrooms - thus, in the medium term VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) plans to increase the total number of sales outlets by 3 times.

According to information of the specialists of the Bank, the main advantages of acquiring cars in car showrooms is the speed of processing a loan and the minimum packet of documents from a borrower –as a rule, you can go away on your own new car after a few days after applying to managers of the Bank.

For reference:
SO JCS VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) - is 100% subsidiary Bank of the largest Russian OJSC VTB Bank.
License of the NB of the RK No. 1.2.14/39 dated 06.10.2014.
The Bank was assigned international rating at the «BB+» / «Negative» forecast level from Standard & Poor’s Agency.
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