Special Tariff - 1 tenge!

01.06.2015 Bank account opening for legal entities is available at the special rate of 1 tenge in case of installation of the Pos-Terminal at the point of sale!

The VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) provides an opportunity to open a bank (current) account for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with a 1 tenge tariff! Individual rate applies to current account intended for servicing Pos-Terminal at the point of sale.

The promotional campaign is carried out in all Bank branches from June 1 to December 31, 2015 inclusive and is intended for the customers who applied to the Bank for the first time for the service of Pos-Terminal installation and have no bank (current) account.

More and more people prefer to pay in stores not by cash, but without cash – by cards, therefore the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) intends to actively develop this area of the card business.

You can get detailed information about the Promotional Campaign conditions in the Bank Contact center via telephone number 5050 (free call from any mobile).