VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) accepts and serves “UnionPay International” international payment system cards


  Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) has successfully launched the project for acceptance and servicing “UnionPay International” international payment system cards. Since January 2016 the Bank’s trade POS-terminals and ATMs in addition to Visa and MasterCard will also serve the “UnionPay International” international payment system cards. “UnionPay International” international payment system occupies the 1-st place in the world in terms of the number of cards in circulation, more than 4.5 billion payment cards have been already issued.

- “UnionPay International” provides an opportunity to use the cards to pay for goods, services and cash withdrawal in 150 countries around the world. UnionPay International cards are issued in more than 40 countries and they have all the benefits of the global payment systems that are protected by 6-digit PIN code. We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new service that will help to make service for our customers more comfortable and convenient, says Dinara Zhakenova, Director of Retail Business Development Department, VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). - In the light of the fact that in January 2016 the Law* “On mandatory use of POS-terminals in retail outlets” became effective, implementation of the UnionPay International IPS will help our customers-owners of POS terminals to significantly expand their capabilities and increase the customer base.

Nowadays about 100 ATMs and more than 1000 POS-terminals of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) operate within the territory of the Republic.

* Article 11 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On payments and money transfers": individual entrepreneurs and (or) legal entities (hereinafter referred to as the Entrepreneurs), which apply in accordance with the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan the special tax regime and carry out activity in the cities of Astana, Almaty, cities of region significance (population size exceeding 50 000 people), except for the cities located in the places not covered by public telecommunications network, are obliged to ensure installation and use of equipment (devices) intended to accept payments using payment card since January 1, 2016.

Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) is a member of VTB international financial group. The Bank has successfully worked more than 6 years in the financial market of Kazakhstan, and occupies 17-th place in terms of assets amount among all STBs in Kazakhstan. To date, Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) has a branch network, consisting of 44 structural subdivisions, 17 of which are branches. The Bank's Central Office is located in Almaty. The license of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 14/39 dated December 23, 2014.

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