VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) presenting a new credit card


Credit Card - is a modern and convenient way to pay for any purchases and services, regardless of your location. The required amount is always at your hand!

International Credit Card from VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) allows the use of loan proceeds up to two calendar months with no interest accruing! Another advantage of the credit card is if the client did not return the debt on the expiration of grace period, a fee will be charged only for the days actually used and the amount actually used, and not for a full amount of limit.

- We are pleased to offer a new product that will increase opportunities of our clients. During the holidays, international credit card of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) can become your irreplaceable friend. Anywhere in the world, at any moment, you can remove the card from the required amount, and then return it without interest during the grace period, which reaches up to two calendar months! – says Dinara Zhakenova, director of retail business development Department. - The main advantage of the new product that VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) has reduced the nominal interest rate from 36% to 23% per annum*! This means that credit cards usage has become more profitable for our clients.

The advantages of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) international card:

  • ability to pay for goods and services all over the world within the credit limit granted by the Bank;

  • a financial reserve in case of unforeseen situations;

  • accrual of remuneration only to the used amount of the loan; if the credit limit is not used, there is no need to pay anything;        

  • possibility of early repayment (both cash and non-cash);

  • security and high level of money protection on payment card;

  • renewability: amounts allocated for repayment, may be used again;

  • presence of the grace period on compensation repayment

* Effective annual rate of 25.58%

For more detailed information please call 5050 - mobile phone, or at the offices of VTB Bank in Kazakhstan.