VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) offers payment cards and salary projects at profitable package tariffs.


Package offer is the most comfortable range of services provided to the client of the bank, who uses a certain product. VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) offers to the customers a very attractive package rates on debit cards for individuals, as well as salary projects for corporate clients.

- Package Offers, depending on the card selected by client will allow you to use a basic range of services free of charge, - says Director of Retail Business Development Department of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), Dinara Zhakenova. – So then, within the framework of the majority package offers provided by our bank, the conditions are as follows: 0 KZT for card issuing and SMS-notification, free connection to Internet- banking, free issuance of additional cards, such as Visa Virtuon (for secure payment to shop online) and Priority Pass as well as insurance from Nomad Insurance Company. If certain conditions are met for the electronic payments the monthly fee will not be charged, therefore in the framework of basic services the card is really worth nothing for the client. Moreover, having VTB Kazakhstan card you can make money! Providing that the minimum card balance is from 1,000 KZT, the Bank charges a monthly remuneration for the remainder amount of money on the card. Depending on the card class the remuneration can vary from 3% to 10%. Therewith, within the framework of salary projects, 10% is charged on the card of any class.

Within the framework of the package offers provided by VTB Bank (Kazakhstan), customers have the opportunity to get the most popular card in the world of Visa international payment system. The higher the class of the card selected, the more free benefits in the service package are received by the client.

Another advantage of the card provided by VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) is the possibility of free cash withdrawals at ATMs. For example, the owners of Visa Classic, Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cards are free for cash withdrawal at ATMs of the Bank's network, VTB Group (CIS) and the Halyk Bank. If these ATMs are not available for the client or in case the client travels abroad, the Bank provides the opportunity to spend up to 5 free cash withdrawals anywhere in the world.

All these benefits can be obtained by the owners of the bank payment card, who got them in the framework of the salary project. The bonuses within the package tariffs are not only for the employees of the organization, but also for the managers. So then, within the framework of the package tariffs for legal entities the following services are provided: no commission for payroll accounting for almost all packages of the Bank, account opening for just 1 KZT, the possibility of cards issuing of a higher class for the company's management with the free service.

For Package tariffs details you can refer to any branch of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) or dial 5050 on your mobile phone.