VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) has financed the production of socially important food products


VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) and Koger LTD LLP signed an agreement on the establishment of a credit line in the amount of more than 2.2 billion KZT. The company will direct the funds to expand production capacity and to open new activity areas.

Koger LLP is the largest manufacturer of commercial dietary eggs, dietary chicken meat, egg powder, balanced feed for poultry, fruit and vegetable products. The company has a modern European equipment and industrial complex, consisting of: poultry houses, feed mill, veterinary laboratory, incubator, birds slaughter line, egg powder production department, department of production and processing of soya and fishbone powder, transport department, hothouse facility. The product range is constantly expanding.

- Medium business, to which Koger LLP refers - is the basis for the development of the economy of the country, the potential to create new jobs and increase tax revenues. In addition, the successful operation of such companies - is the key to food security of the country, - the Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) Dmitry Zabello says. - When deciding on the financing of the business, our bank is guided not only by financial performance of the company; we pay special attention to the usefulness and purpose of the company, as well as the impact of its activities on the socio-economic sphere. Koger LLP has demonstrated excellent performance in all these areas. I'm sure that this is the beginning of long-term strategic partnership.

Poultry farming of egg sector - it is the only branch of agriculture in Kazakhstan, which meets the needs of the internal market by 100%. Egg is a socially meaningful, valuable product available and popular with all segments of the population. Koger LLP works in the sector of domestic production for 20 years, during this time the company has established itself as an industry leader, has significantly increased the volume of production, has successfully upgraded the transport infrastructure and production, has created its own breeding farm not only for their own needs, but also to ensure the needs of other poultry farms.

- For 10 years we have increased egg production from 25.5 mln. to 280.0 mln. pcs. The plan for 2017 for the production of commercial eggs is - 340 mln. pcs, an increase of poultry population by 250.0 thousand heads, also we have a plan to open a production of organic fertilizer from poultry manure soon. Additional funds are needed for these projects, for which we expect to apply to VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) - General Director of Koger LLP Konstanstin Shin says - We are imposed that VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) seeks to build relationships with clients as an equal partnership and on mutually beneficial terms.

Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) is a member of VTB international financial group. The Bank has successfully worked more than 7 years in the financial market of Kazakhstan. To date, Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) has a branch network, consisting of 37 structural subdivisions, 17 of which are branches. The Bank's Central Office is located in Almaty. The license of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.1.2.14/39 dated December 23, 2014.

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