Net Profit of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) Increased 9 Times


Financial result of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) for the first half year of 2018.

As of July 1, 2018 the net profit of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) was KZT 2.6 billion which exceeded 9 times the financial result of the Bank for the similar period of the last year. The Bank assets were KZT 136.9 billion, of these 59.5% or KZT 81.5 billion were the loans provided to customers. The Bank liabilities were KZT 120.2 billion, of these 53.8% or KZT 64.7 billion were the bank accounts and deposits of customers. The authorized capital of the Bank did not change and was KZT 27.3 billion. The net interest profit before formation of a reserve for the second quarter was KZT 2.4 billion.

“During the first half year the subsidiary VTB Bank in Kazakhstan has demonstrated excellent results owning to the steady progress according to the three-year development strategy for 2017-2019. We keep increasing the credit portfolio and profit. The return on equity (ROE) for the first half year was 30.4%, - Chairperson of the Management Board of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) Dmitry Zabello said. – During the second half year we are planning to continue increasing the earnings and business profitability.”

In accordance with the development strategy during the next year and a half VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will continue harmonious development as a universal bank by keeping the balance of business lines between large investment, medium-sized and retail business. One of the key directions of activation of the VTB business in Kazakhstan will be the support of small and medium-sized business with maximum use of the tools of state support of the small and medium-sized business. A focus has also been made on crediting of large investment business and retail customers.

Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) is member of VTB international financial group. The Bank has successfully worked more than 9 years in the financial market of Kazakhstan. To date, Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) has a branch network, consisting of 39 structural subdivisions, 17 of which are branches. According to S&P Global Ratings, VTB (Kazakhstan) has one of the highest credit ratings among all second-tier banks of Kazakhstan. The Bank's Central Office is located in Almaty. The license of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.1.2.14/39 dated December 23, 2014.

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