Promotion "Become closer to the Champions League"


Dear Mastercard card holders!

We are pleased to announce the launch of “Become closer to the Champions League” promotion initiated by the Mastercard International Payment System.

Any VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) Mastercard card holder can become a participant of the promotion.

In order to participate you should:

1. Pay for any goods and services by Mastercard within the period from November 1, 2018 to March 15, 2019;

2. Register on the promotion official site;

3. Register the slip-cheques to the amount not less than 5,000 KZT.

Points shall be accrued for each slip-cheque in the amount exceeding 5,000 KZT.

The slip-cheque amount shall be converted into points according to the following formula: the -cheque amount / 5,000 = number of points. The maximum number of points for one slip-cheque is 5.

For example, the slip-cheque amount is 15,000 KZT (15,000/5,000 = 3 points).

Promotion prizes:

·      The main prize is a trip to the Champions League final (3 prizes - tickets for two persons)

Drawings will be held during the period: December 2018, February 2019, March 2019.

·      Guaranteed prizes (soccer ball, umbrella, t-shirt, money for telephone, baseball cap, backpack, hoody)

500 prizes per month

1) It will be possible to order favorite prize on the official website by filling out the delivery form. Guaranteed prizes will be available upon accumulation of the required number of points; certain number of points for each prize.

2) “Door-to-door” delivery of prizes will be carried out by courier service.