Dear customers!


We would like to remind you that the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) was selected by KDIF (Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund) as an agent bank to pay guaranteed compensation for deposits of the liquidated Qazaq Banki.

We started disbursal of money on Monday December 24, at the moment the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) has disbursed already more than 9 billion tenge to the depositors of Qazaq Banki, more than 11 billion tenge are remaining to be disbursed.

We have prepared several recommendations for the depositors of Qazaq Banki:

1. Disbursal timeframes.

The VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will disburse the guaranteed remuneration to the depositors of Qazaq Banki until June 24, 2019! So if you came to the branch and saw the queue, it makes sense to postpone a visit to the bank to other day.

2. What do you need to get the money?

You should come to any branch of the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) with identity card and to complete the application for payment of the guaranteed compensation.

3. Beware of scammers!

Take care of your security. Do not use the services of third parties, promising accelerated receipt of money - we serve the customers only on a first-come, first-served basis. Also do not pay people promising help in taking money in cash! You can do that yourself - it is your right, the implementation of which we will ensure.

4. Choose the method of receipt of money.

You can withdraw your money by 3 methods at your discretion: in cash, by bank transfer to account with another bank or to the card or deposit with the VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).

For security purposes, we recommend not to withdraw big amounts in cash and leave them in the bank account.

5. Order a big amount in advance.

We remind you that in any bank the amounts over 1 million tenge in cash might not be available at the cash desk. If you have decided to take a big amount in cash, order its withdrawal to the manager upon preparing the documents.

6. In what currency can you take the money?

Payout of the guaranteed compensation is made in national currency only. Deposits in foreign currencies shall be recalculated in tenge at the exchange rate of the NATIONAL BANK of the REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN as of 12.12.2018 (1 United States dollar = 370.55 tenge).

You can find answers to other questions on the website of our bank in the section “Fixed-term deposits”, there you can download an application form.