Beware of scammers!



Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan) warns that scammers can send electronic messages – events to Gmail email addresses.  

Hackers send a specially generated email with a Google calendar event to the email address ( containing text about an occurred client’s transaction error. Google calendar creates an event in the calendar regardless of whether a message sent by scammers has got into spam.  

After that the person using the email address to which the defrauder has sent a letter receives a notification to his phone / computer about the upcoming event.  

Further, the victim follows the link where he is asked to either pay a commission for the transfer, or indicate the details of his plastic card in order to allegedly get the indicated amount to his account.  

Dear customers, take care about the confidentiality of personal identification data and never tell anyone, including representatives of the Bank, your passwords, answers to code and security questions, card numbers, PIN codes, CVV codes and SMS authorization codes.  


Subsidiary VTB Bank JSC (Kazakhstan)