VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) started accepting applications for opening current accounts through eGov.kz.


Portal of e-Government of Kazakhstan (eGov.kz) provides an opportunity to register a legal entity on the portal in a few clicks. VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) has successfully completed integration with eGov.kz, and became one of the few domestic banks providing the service of account opening simultaneously with remote registration of legal entity.

An application on the eGov.kz portal is submitted by a company founder who has an electronic digital signature. After consideration of the application by the bank, the customer receives a notice from the bank in the personal account on the eGov website about the possibility of opening an account and the need for the head of the company to sign the attached application form to join a current account opening agreement. After the customer signs an application, the bank receives a notice, and the account is opened automatically. The account details are available to the customer in his personal account on the eGov.kz website. The account opening process involves an automated check of the potential customer according to all requirements of the bank and the regulator and takes no more than one business day.

- Out of the 25 second-tier banks represented on the Kazakhstani banking market, only 5 banks provide such a service. At present, VTB already provides a similar service for remote opening of accounts through the bank's website for existing legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The new service is another milestone in the development of remote service channels, - Dmitry Zabello, Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) said.

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will continue to work on improving existing and introducing new digital services.