Procedure for payment of 10% compensation on deposits of physical entities


Dear Customers!

From September 12, 2022 VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) begins accepting applications for the Compensation Program [1] for deposits of physical entities in tenge. Deadline for submission of applications – January 1, 2023.

Premium of 10% for deposits of physical entities will be accrued in tenge on deposits of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) "Profitable", "Comfortable", "Accumulative", "Savings" and "Educational AQYL".

Important: Compensation is not accrued on balances on current and card accounts.

Payments to depositors will be made for the amount of money on deposit at the end of the day on February 23, 2022 in the amount of 10%, up to 20 million tenge. In this case, if a depositor has several deposits at the bank, the payment will be made to the total amount of all deposits, but within 20 million tenge.

Conditions for receiving compensation:

  • saving of the deposit until February 24, 2023;

  • the deposit has not expired or has been extended one or more times for a period not less than or equal to February 23, 2023;

  • there was no complete withdrawal of the deposit, including early termination of the bank deposit agreement;

  • the depositor must confirm his consent to the payment not later than January 1, 2023.

You can write an application at any bank branch in 12 cities across the country. You can find the addresses of the branches here.

  Government Resolution РК 614 dated August 27, 2022 On approval of the rules of compensation (bonus) on deposits of physical entities placed in national currency (tenge).