Legal entities will be able to exchange Russian roubles online at VTB Business


VTB (Kazakhstan) has added an online conversion service for Russian roubles to the VTB Business internet banking functionality for legal entities. The maximum amount per transaction is 250 million tenge. Currency exchange rate is formed in real time, according to trading on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

With the new service at VTB Business, when servicing foreign economic activities (FEA), entrepreneurs can sell and buy Russian roubles in 1 minute. In addition to online conversion, they can make quick transfers and payments to make mutual settlements with Russian counterparties from anywhere in the world – VTB (Kazakhstan) processes cross-border transactions to Russia on a same-day basis. 

Customers participating in foreign trade activities additionally receive personal service and prompt online advice from the bank's specialists on currency control issues at VTB (Kazakhstan). The Bank also promptly informs legal entities about changes in legislation.

"One of our key tasks today is to promote trade relations between Kazakhstan and Russia. This year we have seen a significant growth in this area – the number of foreign economic activity contracts and the volume of transactions under them have almost doubled. VTB (Kazakhstan) in the country is fully prepared to provide parties with all necessary infrastructure for mutual settlements between participants of foreign economic activity of Kazakhstan and Russia. The launch of the online conversion service will save customers' time and make it much easier for them to conduct currency exchange transactions online," said Dmitrii Zabello, Chairperson of the Management Board of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan).  

Entrepreneurs can connect VTB Business at any VTB branch (Kazakhstan) or by calling the contact centre number 5050.