Profit of VTB (Kazakhstan) reached KZT 20.7 billion


VTB (Kazakhstan) at the end of 2023 showed net profit of KZT 20.7 billion. The bank’s assets increased by 17% up to KZT 226 billion, and the volume of attracted customer funds doubled up to KZT 108.4 billion.

“In 2023, we have seriously restructured our business model of operations, which has proven effective. In the corporate segment, the flagship is foreign economic activity. The Bank doubled the volume of FEA contracts. Today, our expertise in this area allows us to remain one of the key financial partners for companies that work with Russian and Kazakhstan markets. For the public, we are the only bank in the country that issues and fully services cards of the Mir payment system. The number of cards issued has exceeded 24,000 and continues to grow monthly by an average of 4-5%. Our cards are also popular with entrepreneurs who conduct trading activities", - commented Chairman of VTB (Kazakhstan) Dmitry Zabello.

The driver of deposit portfolio growth last year was retail deposits. The main volume of funds - 90% - is placed by customers in the national currency, as the rates on such products allow them to get the highest profitability.

VTB (Kazakhstan) doubled its network of self-service devices to 60 ATMs in 2023. In addition, for the first time, four branches in Almaty, Astana, Shymkent and Karaganda have special service areas for wealthy customers.

VTB (Kazakhstan) is part of the international financial group VTB. The Bank has branches in 17 regions of Kazakhstan, with its head office in Almaty.