"Assistance to business" legal support service

Service is provided by Dennisons Bridge LLP

Legal support on business issues

Services are provided as a package of services with monthly or quarterly payments for a certain volume of requests.

A request means a specific legal service: development/analysis of a contract, preparation of an opinion, drafting of letters, claims, etc.

The number of requests and price depends on the type of the selected package.

Additional services with the purchase of any service package:

Unlimited number of oral consultations

Permanent information and legal support

Free audit of legal documents

Counterparty analysis

Discount on additional services

No minimum price for legal representation

Free Case Prospective Analysis

24/7 availability of lawyers in emergencies

Implementation of requests within 1 to 2 days, except for very large appeals

Detailed reporting at the end of each month

Packages with monthly payment*:







Number of requests






The average number of allocated man-hours               







100 000

190 000

270 000

340 000

450 000

Packages with quarterly payment*:

Package name                                                                 


5 requests


10 requests


15 requests


20 requests


30 requests

For 3 months

105 000

200 000

285 000

360 000

480 000

For 6 months

110 000

210 000

300 000

380 000

510 000

For 12 months

120 000

230 000

330 000

420 000

570 000

Unlimited service:

A full range of legal services is available in unlimited quantity for a certain fee per month.

With the purchase of this package you get:

Unlimited number of oral and written consultations

Unlimited number of legal expert examinations

Unlimited number of developments of standard contracts

Unlimited development of individual draft contracts

Unlimited number of transaction supports

Unlimited number of amendments to foundation documents

Unlimited number of enforcement proceedings

Unlimited number of registration actions

Discount on additional services up to 40%

 The price of activation of a package with unlimited service is 600,000 KZT*.

For detailed information about partner services, please visit the partner’s website: www.ldb.kz

*- price is specified as of 01.06.2021.

This offer is not a public offer of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) JSC (hereinafter referred to as the Bank), and for informational purposes only about the services of the Bank's partner. The Bank is not an agent, representative, attorney-in-fact, guarantor, and/or other person acting on behalf of and representing interests of both its partner Dannisons Bridge LLP, and users of the "Assistance to Business" Legal Support Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service). The Bank does not provide intermediary services, does not assist in the conclusion of contracts between the Partner and the users of the Service/ other persons, is not responsible, and is not liable for the actions/inactions of the Partner and/or the users of the Service. All relations between the Partner and the Users of the Service are maintained by them independently and without the involvement of the Bank, are formalized by individual contracts/agreements according to requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.