Covered guarantees

Size of Bank Guarantees
Period of Bank Guarantees Currency of Bank Guarantees Collateral
  • The maximum sum of the covered guarantees is defined according to the decision of the Bank, but not more than the sum of coverage of money secured by the mortgagor on the coverage account (pledge) under the obligations of the Customer / sum of the bill of exchange.
  • Maximum period of the Bank guarantee:
  •   - Up to 36 months - when the amount does not exceed 150 000 000 RUB (equivalent in KZT at the date of making a decision). 

  • KZT, RUB (in USD/EUR within authority) 

  • Money placed in a special account of the Bank (pledge).
  • Bank promissory note with a pledged endorsement in the same currency as the currency of the credit transaction.

Bank guarantee issue terms remotely via the Internet Bank within the established limit

If you have any questions, you need to contact the Bank's branches or contact your Client Manager 
Telephones of reference service of Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan): +7 (727) 330-50-50,  5050 - free of charge from a mobile phone
* if the guarantee period is up to the full fulfillment of obligations - the guarantee expiration period shall be determined as an indicative period and shall be calculated in accordance with Article 336 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
** cover - cash in KZT currency in the amount of at least 100% of the bank guarantee amount.