Secured letters of credit

Maximum amount  Maximum period* Currency  Collateral Remuneration
(commission fees)
Established individually by the Bank' GB, but not more than the amount of money coverage

Established individually by the decision of the Bank's GB;

KZT, RUB Money placed on a special account of the Bank (pledge) - coverage of money, without accrual of interest on the pledge. Established individually by the decision of the the Bank's GB according to the current tariffs of the Bank, taking into account the commission fee of a foreign financial institution.

* The validity period of the letter of credit is set depending on the Customer's requirements and the terms and conditions of the agreement/contract concluded between the Customer and its partner.

If you have any questions, you need to contact the Bank's branches or contact the following numbers:

- Director of Medium business Akhmetova Sabina, mobile:+7 (701) 445 55 35;
- Telephones of reference service of Subsidiary JSC VTB Bank (Kazakhstan):+7(727)330-50-50, 5050  – free of charge from a mobile phone.