Quick Loan

From an idea to the solution

One of the priority orientations of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) in servicing the small business is loaning.

Do you need the additional funds without wasting time for drawing up and receipt of the loan? -

‘Quick Loan’ of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) will help you to get financing on a tight schedule under simplified scheme of the Loaners analysis and mortgage security.

Purpose of loaning:

  • Replenishment of floating assets;
  • Purchase and updating of fixed assets; capital costs into long-term assets;
  • Investment goals in accordance with the applicable Law;
  • Refunding of debts in other Banks;
  • Financing of future costs.

Loaning conditions:

Loan currency Loan sum Term of loaning Primary contribution Requirements to the mortgage security
KZT KZT 1 000 000 3 months Not required Only real estate*
USD USD 6 666 7 years*
RUR Equivalent in Russian Rubles

* The mortgage security shall be located in the city / suburb wherein VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) Branch is located.

**Working capital financing shall be permitted for the term no more than 3 years.

Conditions for a Loaner:

· The customer’s age shall be above 23 years old (for men – below 63 years old, for women – below 58 years old);

· Citizenship status – Republic of Kazakhstan or residence permit (expiry date of residence permit shall exceed the loan expiry term by 6 months);

· The Loaner’s working experience shall be at least 3 months (without break) in the field of trade, works or services (under the loans above KZT 30 000 000 or USD 200 000 – at least 6 months);

Or at least 6 months (without break) in the field of production before filing of an application for the loan;

· No overdue debt (above 5 monthly calculation indexes) on the obligatory payments including to the tax authorities as of the date of credit finding by the Bank’s authorized body.

If you are interested in our offer, please, do not hesitate to call us: 5050 – toll-free from mobile phone. We will contact with you to clarify the conditions, invite you for meeting, answer your questions and render the service consultations.