loan/credit facility, covered by money

Designated purpose Loan currency Loan amount Loan period  Rate Collateral
  • Replenishment of working capital and/or;
  • Acquisition and modernization of fixed assets;
  • Capital expenditures in long-term assets;
  • Investment purposes (excluding project financing);
  • Refinancing of debt issued for the above purposes.
  • KZT;
  • RUB.

Maximum amount not exceeding:
  • 150 000 000 RUB (equivalent in KZT as of the date of making the decision) – for the period not exceeding 36 months.
The maximum amount shall not exceed the amount of coverage of money/notes secured by the pledgee on the pledge/notes on the Customer's liabilities, taking into account the Bank's requirements.

Maximum period:
  • Up to 36 months – when the amount does not exceed 150 000 000 RUB (equivalent in KZT as of the date of making a decision).

Individually at the discretion of the Bank's GB.
  • Money placed in a special account of the Bank (pledge);
  • Promissory note of the Bank with a pledge endorsement in the same currency as the currency of the credit transaction.